Medical Marijuana - Medical, Legal, Social and Political Issues
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Medical Marijuana Potpourri - Section 1

Yesterday, we discussed the utility of cannabis and cannabinoids in the treatment of MRSA infections and for the treatment of prion diseases.  Today, we will discuss the current position of the American Medical Association with regards to the medicinal use of marijuana.


Editors' Note:  Medical marijuana has become an important area of study in healthcare. Doctors and healthcare professionals must understand the medical, legal, social and political issues to best respond to their patients’ questions and attend to their needs.  This content area is not intended to encourage or dissuade the use of medical marijuana, but has been created to provide a balanced portrayal of the research in this area.  The Drug Enforcement Agency issued “The DEA Position on Marijuana” in January 2011, which is their most recent position statement and provides information about medical marijuana and issues related to the conflicts between federal and state law.

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